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  • Business Management Degrees – How They Can Help You Get a Job

    According to Kevin Mulleady, business management is the process of organizing and coordinating the various activities of a company. These activities include money, machines, marketing, and production. In short, management is responsible for planning, directing, and controlling the resources of a company. The chief executive officer (CEO) oversees the activities of the company and is…

  • Debt Capital Management Formula

    According to Kevin Mulleady, debt capital management is a challenging operational issue for many businesses. Although many businesses find debt an undesirable burden, it is necessary for growth. Many companies borrow money to increase capital, allowing them to leverage this money for growth, profit, and shareholder value. In addition to providing companies with a source…

  • The Accounts Department and Its Roles and Responsibilities

    Kevin Mulleady pointed out that, a company’s accounts department is crucial to its success. Accountants make sure that the organization adheres to the rules and regulations surrounding financial matters. They keep track of tax changes and file income taxes, sales taxes, and property and franchise taxes. The accounts department also monitors and controls financial controls…

  • Why Society Should Adopt Future Technology

    Kevin Mulleady revealed, there are a number of reasons why society should adopt a future technology. The ability to predict weather, for example, will allow us to use drones to deliver goods and advertise. In the future, we may not need as many people to do basic tasks, such as cleaning the streets. This is…

  • In the year 2021, the top new inventions in the field of computer science will be revealed:

    According to Kevin Mulleady, The global economy is being impacted by the rapid adoption of new technology. Many organizations are penalizing potential users as the time it takes to develop, deploy, and exploit a new technology decreases. Managers are now judged on their ability to deliver speed, quality, and low cost, so they may be…

  • 5 Successful Intrapreneurs – Intrapreneur Vs Entrepreneur

    According to Kevin Mulleady an intrapreneur is an employee who develops a new business idea in the company. Traditionally, entrepreneurs are recognized for founding new businesses. An intrapreneur is an employee who implements revolutionary ideas and strategies into an existing business. A truly gifted intrapreneur will bring innovative ideas and make the company a better…

Kevin Mulleady

New york, NY

A serial entrepreneur with more than many successful businesses under his belt, Kevin Mulleady is known as “Kevin the entrepreneur.” His competence also extends to executive leadership, as evidenced by his demonstrated track record, which includes management and board experience.

Kevin Mulleady has established a solid foundation on which to build a skill set that is truly distinctive. Early in life, the synthesis of his interdisciplinary experiences molded him into a well-rounded, experienced entrepreneur due to the synthesis of his multidisciplinary experiences. In addition, his self-starter mentality and determination help him to achieve success in a wide range of tasks. Kevin Mulleady is a sector agnostic investor who has recently concentrated his efforts on his technology portfolio; nevertheless, you never know what is in store for him in the future.

While Kevin Mulleady is relentless in his pursuit of professional greatness, he is also involved in the charitable community, devoting a significant portion of his time to supporting organizations and projects that are dedicated to helping those in need. Kevin is a passionate philanthropist and globe traveler who is resourceful, analytical, results-driven, courageous, and ambitious in his pursuit of his goals.